40th European Go Congress

While we were running the Congress we struggled to put on-line the results and the issues of CongressNews. The time was limited, the modem connection was slow and sometimes we had not been able to keep up with the schedule. Nevertheless many go players around the world appreciated this service.

Now that we are back at work after the holidays there is time to restructure these pages and to put on-line more information.

You can find here three different kinds of stuff. First of all there are the results of the tounaments. All the results are also contained in the issues of CongressNews but I think it is better to take them out of there for faster retrieval (for the results look at issue 4 and at the forthcoming issue 7).

Then you can find CongressNews itself. The first issue is only available in PDF format while issues from 2 to 5 are in HTML format. Issue 6 is on the way to be converted and issue 7 is being written after the end of the congress, so in the near future I expect to have them all. I also hope to be able to put on-line the PDF versions of the bulletins so that everybody can print their own copy if they like. More important, in the HTML version the game records and comments are missing, because we dicovered that it took too much time to convert them from the format used in print.

The last item in the list are your contributes. If you have something about the Congress and you think it is of general interest, please send it to me. Look at the suggestions for the format of the submitted material. On my own I started with a commented game, by Masataka Saijo 8 dan pro. This is not in CongressNews because I found the time to do it only when I came back home. It's your turn now!

Results and Ranking

Main Tournament

The tournament was a big success and had more than 460 participants. With 10 wins out of 10 matches Guo Juan of the Netherlands won the title again. Rob van Zeijst (the Netherlands) and Lee Hyuk (Korea) ranked at the second and third places.

1.Guo Juan7dNL
2.Rob van Zeijst7dNL
3.Lee Hyuk6dKOR

Final ranking (turn 10). Ranking after turns 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9.

Weekend tournament

The Korean player, Lee Hyuk, won the weekend tournament by winning all the games. The second and third places went to France with Wataru Miyakawa and Pierre Colmez. 334 players participated to the tournament. See the results.


This is a mirror of the Congress News official site. We have all the issues from 1 to 5. Issue 6 and 7 are on the way.


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