How to submit documents

These guidelines have the goal to ensure that I'm able to read the documents you send me and to minimize the amount of work needed to put on-line the documents. If for some reasons you can't comply with these requirements, send me mail (my address is and we'll find a solution.


I ask you to send me the document in one of these formats:

Don't include graphics inside Word documents.

If you send me the document in ASCII format and it contains some characters not found in the English character set (accented vowels or characters found in nord-european alphabets), please format them as HTML. You can look at the HTML representation of special characters for reference.

For each graphic element (picture, diagram, ...) include in the text file a line describing the element. For example

Figure 3, file: "fig-3.gif", caption: "Figure 3. Moves 60-120"

Photo, file: "rengo.jpg", caption: "The winners of the rengo tournament"

Graphics and go diagrams

Web browsers can handle GIF and JPEG graphic files, so send me this kind of pictures. Keep in mind that for many people it takes a lot of time to transfer a 100 Kb image so try to reduce the size of the files. Go diagrams are usually black and white. It should be better to save them as 2 color GIF pictures. This should ensure that they don't get bigger than a few kilobytes. If you don't have a way to produce a GIF from a diagram, send me a SGF file for each diagram and I'll do the conversion but any screen capture program should do the trick.

If you send me a go diagram, send it to me as GIF. A SGF file is probably an overkill for such a few data. However if you want to send a game record, a SGF file is probably better because many people store game records and there are programs to parse it. A GIF is dead data.

If you have a commented game record you can try to format it as I did but a barebone SGF file is good enough.

Submission format

You can send me the document by e-mail or put it in a ftp site or on the web. I can decode many formats but I prefer one of the following

I don't have a Mac (but I can borrow one) so Mac generated archives are a problem for me.


When I finish to format the document I'll send you a message so that you can check it is as you intended it. When I receive your acknowledgment I make it public. From that moment you hold the copyright on the document but you grant me the right to make it public

If people wants to put your document in their own sites or use your pictures or (who knows) print it in a magazine, they have to ask you the permission. I won't interfere.

By acknowledging to the publication of the document you accept this policy.

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